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UK Council of Caldicott Guardians UKCCG The Council is an elected body made up of Caldicott Guardians from organisations involved in the provision of health and social care services in the United Kingdom. It was created to facilitate the sharing of good confidentiality practice and the promotion of a national approach to confidentiality and information sharing.
The National Data Guardian NDG The National Data Guardian will become the patients’ champion on security of personal medical information, with a duty to intervene if concerned by how an organisation is sharing data. The NDG can refer concerns directly to the Information Commissioner’s Office and the Care Quality Commission to investigate and sanction where necessary. The first NDG is Dame Fiona Caldicott.  
Information Governance Independent Oversight Panel IIGOP The Independent Information Governance Oversight Panel was established at the request of the Secretary of State to advise, challenge and report on the state of information governance across the health and care system in England. It is non-statutory, independent committee and will work in an advisory capacity. IIGOP will work with bodies such as the Health and Social Care Information Centre and NHS England to implement recommendations from the Dame Fiona Caldicott review: "Information: To Share Or Not To Share? The Information Governance Review".
Information Governance Alliance IGA The Information Governance Alliance is a group of national health and care organisations that are working together to provide a joined up and consistent approach to information governance
National IG Committee of the Care Quality Commission NIGC To monitor and seek to improve information governance practices of registered health and social care providers; and keep NHS England and Monitor informed about this practice.
Confidentiality Advisory Group of the Health Research Authority CAG CAG provides independent expert advice to the HRA (for research applications) and the Secretary of State for Health (for non-research applications) on whether applications to access patient information without consent should or should not be approved.
Data Access Advisory Group DAAG The Data Access Advisory Group is an independent group, hosted by NHS Digital, which considers applications for sensitive data made to NHS Digital's Data Access Request Service.
British Medical Association Medical Ethics Committee BMA The Committee debates ethical issues on the relationship between the medical profession, the public and the state. The Ethics Secretariat produce detailed guidance and discussion papers on a wide range of medico-ethical issues and offer individual ethical advice to members over the phone or email.

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