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The IG Toolkit Change Request Process has been developed to help gather valuable feedback from users to shape the future development of the IG Toolkit and enhance the quality of the product for users. The process covers both functionality and content requests, however, any minor change requests such as spelling / grammatical errors, or technical issues and bugs are outside of this process and should be logged via the Exeter Helpdesk - exeter.helpdesk@hscic.gov.uk or by phone on 0300 3034034 (Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm).
To submit a change request please complete the change request form below. This will then be submitted to NHS Digital External IG Delivery team for consideration, and onwards to the IG Toolkit Editorial Board if necessary. A member of the External IG Delivery team will contact you within 5 working days to confirm receipt and advise you of the unique number we have assigned to your change request. If necessary we may also contact you to clarify points in relation to your change request.
Once your change request has been considered a member of the External IG Delivery team will contact you again to confirm the outcome. Please note that this confirmation can take longer if you have submitted your request outside of one of the IG Toolkit development cycle consultation periods.
Details of consultation dates for IG Toolkit development cycles will be posted on the News page and notified via the IG Toolkit homepage once confirmed, however you can submit a request via the change control process at any point for consideration in the next development cycle of the IG Toolkit (normally a major release in June and sometimes a minor release in October of each year).
The implementation of functional change requests is based upon their relative priority and development complexity vs. other changes and other development work being undertaken, therefore we cannot commit to a delivery date for a change until it has actually been scheduled into a development cycle. In practice this means that functional change requests that have a low priority can be delayed for a long period of time, or may never be developed as other higher priority functional changes will always be developed first.
Full details of the change control process including timescales are included in the IG Toolkit Change Request Process document. (please note this document is currently in final draft awaiting final approval from the IG Toolkit Editorial Board. Once this has been signed off the final document will be uploaded here).

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