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IGT V12.2 Release - Enhancements to the IG Incident Reporting Tool  (29/10/2014)

The Incident Reporting Tool has been hosted on the IG Toolkit website since June 2013 and well received/used. In order to continually improve the product the External IG Delivery Team have been working with the Health and Social Care represented IG SIRI Design Group since January 2014 to review the functionality, content and guidance for the IG Incident Reporting Tool. Enhancements were proposed by users, members of the design group and the ICO. The EIGD Team have listened to feedback and agreed improvements/enhancements to the product.

This release will go live by the 10th November 2014.

A detailed Change Release Note and updated guidance will be issued when this release goes live but as a preview please see the summary below:-

  • All Organisation Administrators should automatically have permissions to access and give access to the Incident Reporting Tool for their organisation when they log into their IG Toolkit profile.
  • Changes to Sensitivity Factors – Sensitivity factors have been reviewed and where necessary new factors have been added, removed, clarified or merged. The changes should have minimal impact on existing incidents recorded on the system as in most cases the old sensitivity factors have been mapped to the new. However, if there is no direct mapping from old factor to new the severity level may increase or decrease. Therefore, Incident Reporting Users are advised to review open incidents (added prior to IGT V12.2 go live) to ensure the severity of the incidents are classified as expected.
  • Level 2 Notify Later – Following feedback from users who wish to assess the severity of the incident using the tool and seek approval from other responsible management before notifying the ICO, DH and NHS England, we have introduced this new functionality. It will allow users to save a Level 2 incident (essentially on hold) but choose to notify later.
  • Authorisation Details – As part of the above facility users will be able to make a note of who approved the notification of a Level 2 SIRI to the ICO, DH and NHS England (if required).
  • Clinical Patient Safety Tick Box – A new check box for users to flag that the incident has a clinical patient safety aspect and confirm that details are held on a separate local system.
  • Improved search facility including:-
    • Date range to search for incidents reported in any previous period.
    • Facility to report by Incident Type and Status
    • Ability to do a wildcard search against local SIRI ID
    • Ability to search on numerical value for IG Incident ID option
  • Improved fields – Breach Type to default to ‘Please Specify’ rather than the first breach type in the dropdown list and a prompt for user to complete the ‘ICO Action’ date when ICO Action is selected rather than allowing no date to be selected.
  • The Information Commissioner’s Office Permissions restricted to view and report on Level 2 IG SIRIs only. Lower level or level 2 (TBC) incidents will be shared with the ICO in support of their incident assessment and investigation processes if requested.
  • Publication Page – Re-formatted to present IG SIRI reports published quarterly and IG Toolkit score reports published annually.

External Information Governance Delivery Team
Information Governance and Standards Assurance Directorate
Health and Social Care Information Centre

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