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IG Toolkit version 11 submissions  (24/02/2014)

Please can we remind organisations to ensure they carry out all the appropriate processes to publish their version 11 assessment on time. Important: The report for the Care Quality Commission is to be sent on Tuesday 1 April 2013 and therefore any unpublished assessments will be included in the report with that status.

For the NHS Trusts, CSUs, CCGs, NHS England, HSCIC, Public Health England and Social Care/Local Authorities please ensure you have completed all of these steps:

  • IGT User to mark each “Requirement as Complete”.
  • IGT Reviewer role to mark each “Requirement Confirmed Complete”.
  • IGT Reviewer role to select “Assessments” on the left-hand menu and then click the “Confirm” button (which only appears when all requirements have been confirmed as complete).
  • IGT User/ Reviewer to ensure the Information Governance Senior Management details are complete – this is mandatory and you will not be able to publish your assessment without doing this.
  • IGT Administrator role to select “Assessments” on the left-hand menu and then click the “Publish” button.
  • IGT Administrator role to read and accept the “IG Assurance Statement”.

For other organisations (GPs, community pharmacy, DACs, dental practices, eye care services, AQP clinical, AQP non-clinical, NHS Business Partners, CTPs, secondary use organisations, voluntary organisations, hosted secondary use teams working to the 31st March deadline), please complete these steps:

IMPORTANT: When an organisation publishes their assessment they are confirming that this is the final version, no changes are needed and the assessment has been signed off by the board/senior management. This is applicable to ALL organisation types.

Please note: Data Service for Commissioners and Area Team/Region/Hosted Body should complete and submit IG Toolkit assurance as advised by their respective governing bodies, either HSCIC or NHS England. Separate guidance has been issued by the relevant bodies.

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