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Local Authorities - V14 PSN & IGT Equivalence  (21/01/2016)


In March 2015 a new PSN connectivity compliance process came into effect. The driver for the change was around simplification. One of the consequences of the change was that the existing matching equivalencies between PSN and IGT needed review and verification. Consequently a matching exercise took place to match the new PSN compliance regime to the current version of IGT (v13). The matching group had representation from PSN (Cabinet Office), Local Authorities and HSCIC. At the end of the matching workshop the group had an agreed set of equivalents which are presented in the briefing below this article.


In total there are 22 attainment levels over 7 requirements where a PSN certificate can no longer be accepted as evidence of compliance. These are requirements that Local Authorities have been meeting up until now as part of the PSN CoCo and will have to maintain in order to provide IG assurance. They will not require any new work by the Local Authorities to maintain compliance, however evidence previously presented for PSN Certification will now need to be directly referenced as part of the IGT submission.

Additionally, 2 requirements covering 6 attainment levels were identified where PSN Certification would be acceptable which had not previously been accepted. These items are listed in the attachment below.

The remaining 21 requirements covering 48 attainment levels remain unchanged and PSN Certificate will continue to be accepted as evidence where appropriate.

These new requirements will be built into the Toolkit with the release of version 14 in the early summer of 2016.

A full break down of the controls and attainment levels including before and after comparisons is included in the document attached below.

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