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IG Toolkit Version 14 is Now Live (27/05/2016)

With the National Data Guardian due to publish a report into Data Security Standards the IG Toolkit has been rolled over from Version 13 to Version 14. There are minor updates to outdated references and standards with an update for Local Authorities to take in account the introduction of new PSN connectivity compliance process.

Summary of changes for this release:-

  • Various essential updates made to the content where needed, such as removal of outdated references to deprecated standards, guidance, knowledge base, publications etc. and in response to issues raised by IGT users.
  • Updated requirements for Local Authorities following the new PSN connectivity compliance process coming into effect March 2015.

The following documents provide further details on changes:

The External IG Delivery Team would like to take this opportunity to thank all those from the service who have contributed to the development of IG Toolkit Version 14.

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