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IG Toolkit Version 13 - Requirements review  (20/11/2014)

The HSCIC External Information Governance (IG) Delivery Team is now beginning work on the development of the IG Toolkit version 13, due for release by the end of June 2015. The intention is to make some changes to the Requirements to reflect current thinking on Cyber Security, to provide additional guidance on implementation of the Caldicott2 recommendations, and the NHS Number requirement is under review by NHS England. Other changes are likely to be minimal, e.g. correction of errors, new guidance that people need to be made aware of, etc.

You can submit requests for change in relation to the IG Toolkit Requirements (e.g. Guidance, Knowledge Base Resources - not the technical functionality). To submit a request for change, please complete the online change request form which is available via the ‘change requests’ option on the left-hand menu of the IG Toolkit, where detailed guidance in relation to the process is also available. The form will then be submitted to the HSCIC External IG Delivery Team and your change will go through the process for consideration.

Please ensure that you submit any requests for change by no later than Wednesday 31 December 2014 in order to allow these to be considered as part of the version 13 development cycle; and note that any major changes you propose are likely to be deferred to version 14 for which we intend to carry out a comprehensive review of the Toolkit.

Please note: This request for feedback relates to only amendments to the Requirements or Knowledge Base Resources. It does NOT include functional / technical improvements or enhancements to the IG Toolkit website.

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