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Clarification on Position of Information Governance Toolkit (04/09/2012)

The Government remains committed to ensuring that all parts of the Health and Social Care system work to and can evidence robust information governance arrangements. The NHS Commissioning Board and the Care Quality Commission will have key roles in securing these arrangements. In preparation for this new role, and recognising that guidance and standards published in future will have a degree of legal force, the NHSCB is working with key partner organisations to review all existing standards, including the NHS Information Governance Toolkit to ensure that they remain fit for purpose and to identify any required improvements and/or stronger compliance measures that are needed to support effective information governance in the new system. It will also be necessary to take on board any recommendations from the current Caldicott Review that are accepted by the Government.

Understandably in these circumstances, NIGB and NHS CFH Helpdesks have received a number of queries over the past weeks from NHS organisations regarding the future of the NHS Information Governance Toolkit and we would like to stress that there will be no immediate changes and that organisations will be provided with ample notice should any changes be proposed. In the meantime, organisations should complete and publish IGT assessments as usual during 2012/13.

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