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New Caldicott 2 Performance Monitoring Reports  (18/08/2015)

The Caldicott2 Report 2013 and the Independent IG Oversight Panel (IIGOP) Annual Report 2014 make clear the need for health and care organisations to:

  • Strengthen their IG leadership
  • Improve information sharing for care
  • Provide transparency to citizens about how personal information is used and shared
  • Ensure patients/service users are able to fully exercise their right (under the Data Protection Act 1998 and under the common law duty of confidentiality) to make informed decisions about who can use or share their information

IIGOP required that reports were made available of health and care organisations’ performance against the Caldicott2 recommendations of relevance to the organisation-type. To this end, we have created new reporting functionality in the IG Toolkit as follows.

Functionality to generate two reports using the Baseline assessments of the following organisation-types only - Acute, Ambulance and Mental Health Trusts:

  • Caldicott2 Performance Report (Individual Organisation) - A one page report of an organisation’s performance against the Caldicott2 recommendations, e.g. for the Board or senior management team.
  • Caldicott2 Performance Report (All Organisations) - A report for the National Data Guardian which will compare the performance of all organisations of these organisation-types.

Information about the reports was publicised via the SIGNs Chairs Group. However, for clarity relevant organisation users simply have to record their scores and evidence as is normal and information is pulled through to the Caldicott2 report based on what they have entered into the assessment.

Additional information is in Caldicott2 Monitoring Reports - Further Information.pdf.

Reports will also be available on Performance Update and Final Published scores. Note that users from Acute, Ambulance and Mental Health Trusts will only be able to create reports on their own organisation. At this time other IGT users and non-logged in visitors to the site will not be able to generate Caldicott2 reports, because Baseline and Performance Update reports represent work in progress.

For the future, we are hoping to develop additional reports for Trusts and other organisation-types, including a report that patients/service users and the public can view/download to see how well their local organisations are performing. Any feedback on the individual organisation report is most welcome and should be sent to the Helpdesk at:

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