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Local Authorities - New IG Toolkit View Type (13/06/2014)

IG Toolkit version 12 contains a new dedicated Local Authority requirement set to replace the Social Care Delivery view used in previous versions of the IG Toolkit.

The intention is that the new Local Authority view can be contributed to by Public Health teams rather than (as some teams did in version 11) separately completing the Hosted Secondary Use Team/Project view. This offers significant advantages as it streamlines the approach for those Local Authorities that completed two separate assessments.

Background to the development of the new view, guidance and support documents specifically for LAs are available on the IGT Help page (see “Local Authorities” link at:

Note that during this first year of the new LA view on the IG Toolkit, the External IG Delivery Team will offer dedicated IG SME support to Local Authorities wishing to migrate from version 11 Social Care Delivery/Local Authority view (Hosted Secondary Use Team/Project view) to the new version 12 Local Authority view. Organisations wishing to migrate should contact the External IG Delivery Team via the Exeter Helpdesk at: (

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