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IGT Status & ROCR  (25/07/2011)

We have received enquiries from users regarding the IGT status following the publication of the recent Monitor bulletin. The following clarification statement has been provided by DH IG Policy.

"The review of central returns conducted by the Health & Social Care Information Centre concluded that completion and publication of IG toolkit assessments is now a necessary and business as usual activity for bodies that have access to patient information. The assessments are used to:

  • demonstrate that organisations can be trusted with patient data and with access to nationally provided applications and services;
  • inform commissioning decisions;
  • enable assessment of compliance with care standards;
  • inform the work of the National Information Governance Board; and
  • inform interested members of the public.

The IGT is not, however, a required central return as the Department of Health is just one, and not the main, interested party. The Department expects commissioners to drive improvements in provider information governance and to insist that their contractual requirement to publish an IGT assessment continues to be met.

It remains Department of Health policy that all bodies that process patient information for whatever purpose should provide assurance via the IGT."

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