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IG Toolkit version 11 is Now Live  (04/06/2013)

Please note: IG Toolkit domain name changes have been carried out as much as possible to reflect the transition of the IG Toolkit product from NHS Connecting for Health to the new Health and Social Care Information Centre. New web links are (accessible via NHS network) and . Old links will re-direct to the new web pages.

Summary of Changes for this release:-


  • Enhanced Improvement Plan which can now be exported to excel for local implementation.
  • New document and links management tool making the task much easier to ensure organisational evidence (in support of current assessments) is up to date and relevant.
  • Additional context help on screens to prevent the upload of duplicate documents and to ensure exemplar materials are used appropriately.
  • New IG Incident Reporting Tool for the reporting of IG Serious Incidents Requiring Investigation (IG SIRIs) to the Department of Health, Information Commissioner’s Office and other regulators, when appropriate.


  • Requirement guidance materials have been improved where the service have requested further clarification. Only minimal changes have been made.
  • Requirement sets have been developed or updated in line with changes in the healthcare sector to better reflect the future state, using relevant existing or scoping requirements.

The following documents provide further details: *

* Updates were made to these documents with regards to minor changes post initial go live on 31st May 2013, including the removal of the Public Health Teams View (no longer required) and change from 3 stage reporting to 1 stage reporting for HSCIC and DSCs

The External IG Delivery Team would like to take this opportunity to thank all those from the service who have contributed to the development of IG Toolkit Version 11.

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