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Calculating Information Governance Toolkit scores (20/02/2008)

(updated 20/11/2009)

1.      Each requirement has a maximum score of three (3). The assessment levels (0-3) correspond to this (0=0, 1=1, 2=2, 3=3).

2.      The total potential score is calculated by multiplying the total number of requirements in the initiative by 3 (excluding any N/R requirements). For example, there are 60 requirements for Acute Trust. Therefore, the total potential score equals 180 (60 times 3). Ambulance Trusts have 47 requirements. Therefore, the total potential score equals 141 (47 times 3).

3.      "Not relevant" (N/R) requirements. A number of requirements have a "not relevant" checkbox option. The system recognises an N/R selection and excludes the requirement from scoring calculations.

4.      The total potential score is amended to take account of any N/Rs. For example, for an Acute Trust, 60 requirements = 180 points. 4 N/Rs (4 times 3) = 12 points. Therefore, 180-12 = 168 points.

5.      Some organisations may consider other requirements as not relevant to them (secondary N/Rs). In such cases, if the NHS CFH IG Policy Manager agrees that the organisation has justified considering the requirement as not relevant, that/those requirements will be removed from the scoring calculation. Organizations are instructed to score these as 3s in the toolkit and enter a comment as to why they consider the requirement to be N/R. This does unfortunately skew the final score as calculated by the Toolkit.

6.      The organisation's total actual score is the total for all requirements.

7.      The calculation for the organisation's overall score is: (Total actual score divided by total potential score) multiplied by 100 to give a percentage score, rounded down to the nearest whole number. An example of this is shown below.

8.      The percentage is then classified in the Red (less than 40%), Amber (40-69%), Green (70%+) system.


Ambulance Trust

Score Values

Score Calculation




Initial potential score

47 X 3 = 141


Number of N/Rs

2 (2 X 3) = 6

141 minus 6 = 135

Total potential score



Total actual score






Total percentage score

 (90 / 135) X 100

66% (Amber)


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