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IG Toolkit Version 14.1 is Now Live (05/07/2017)

IG Toolkit version 14.1 is now online, and as per the recent communication sent to IG Toolkit administrators and SIGNs Chairs, there are no substantive changes to requirements in V14.1 from V14.

You should note that V14.1 is an interim solution pending the introduction of a redesigned Information Governance Toolkit - as recommended in the National Data Guardian’s Review of Data Security, Consent and Opt-outs, and based around assuring local implementation of the ten data security standards set out in that review.

This redesigned IG Toolkit is in phased development and will include a new set of mandatory requirements to support the evolving system and threats. It will be more accessible and easier to use, while also providing a greater emphasis on data security leadership obligations – people, processes and technology.

A beta version of the redesigned toolkit is due for launch in the Autumn ahead of a formal roll out across all sectors in April 2018. We will contact organisations again in due course to release a ‘statement of requirements’ to assist in preparing evidence for the revised solution.

In the meantime, all organisations who currently complete the IG Toolkit must complete a V14.1 submission as outlined in the Release Note below.

Please read the following documents:

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