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New Public Services Network Code of Connection and the Information Governance Toolkit  (18/08/2015)

The current Local Authority view of the Information Governance Toolkit (IGT) contains a number of requirements where a copy of the current Public Services Network (PSN) Code of Connection (CoCo) certificate is deemed to be of equivalent value to the evidence sought.

This was based upon a matching exercise undertaken on the requirements within IGT Version 11 (2013/14).

The new PSN CoCo means that this exercise has to be undertaken again to match as many IGT requirements as possible, however, it is recognised that these requirements may well be fewer than are currently matched. The exercise will be conducted by the HSCIC External IG Delivery Team and colleagues in PSN Compliance - part of the Government Digital Service:

In the meantime, provided your organisation has the old version of the PSN CoCo certificate valid at any point in this financial year (1 April 2015 - 31 March 2016) it will continue to be accepted as evidence for the matched IGT requirements.

If your authority only has a new PSN CoCo certificate, please can you email with the subject line “PSN Certificate”.

We ask that you bear with us while we undertake the matching exercise.

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