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NHS Operating Framework and Informatics Planning 2010/2011 (27/01/2010)

The operating framework 2010/11 confirms that informatics will be included in operational plans and Informatics Planning provides guidance on the informatics components of these plans. National expectations for the NHS for delivery of national and local objectives are set out, building on existing investments to strengthen local information and data management.

Informatics Planning (pages 12 -13) recognises that good progress has been made in improving IG across the NHS, but also that it is essential that public and patient confidence in the way that the NHS handles health information is sustained. The document therefore sets out requirements for sustaining robust information governance, as follows

  • All NHS organisations need to continue to demonstrate compliance with the key IG standards through achievement of at least Level 2 performance in terms of the NHS IG Toolkit and plans should be in place to progress beyond this minimum where it has been achieved.
  • Action plans for achieving the minimum of Level 2 performance against all remaining requirements should already be in place but must be implemented by 31 March 2011.
  • All staff should receive annual basic IG training appropriate to their role through the online NHS IG Training Tool - see
  • NHS accounting officers must continue to report on the management of information risks in statements on internal controls and to include details of data loss and confidentiality breach incidents in annual reports. An IG audit utilising the centrally provided audit methodology should be included within the work plans of each organisation’s auditors.

Download NHS Operating Framework 2010-2011 (PDF 914Kb).

Download Informatics Planning 2010-2011 (PDF 913Kb).

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