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Removal of duplicate documents held against assessments (03/10/2013)

A significant number of duplicate documents have been identified within the evidence documents held against organisations’ assessments on the IG Toolkit, as historically the IG Toolkit allowed users to upload more than one document with the same filename.

Functionality has now been introduced to the IG Toolkit (as part of the main version 11 release in June 2013) which means that a user cannot upload more than one document with the same filename, however due to concerns in relation to long term server capacity a decision has been taken to remove any duplicate evidence documents (i.e. those documents where both the filename and content is exactly the same). The removal of these documents should also facilitate the management of evidence documents for users via the ‘view documents used as evidence’ link as the duplicate documents will no longer be appearing as multiple duplicated entries on that list.

The purpose of this message is just to make you aware that this will happen automatically over the weekend of 25th October and you do not need to take any action.

Thorough testing of the functionality being used to remove the duplicate evidence documents has been carried out and where two documents have been uploaded to the IG Toolkit historically with the same filename, but the content within those files is not exactly the same these will not be removed.

Please note that this will not impact on your overall assessment or scores.

If you have any queries in relation to this message please contact the Exeter Helpdesk on either 0845 3713671 (Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm), or at If emailing the Helpdesk please enter the subject heading "removal of duplicate documents".

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