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IG Toolkit Version 13 is Now Live (29/05/2015)

Summary of changes for this release:-

  • New "Auto closure" functionality for incidents recorded on the IG Toolkit Incident Reporting Tool and not closed within the advised timeframe specified within the HSCIC "Checklist Guidance for Reporting, Managing and Investigating Information Governance and Cyber Security Serious Incidents Requiring Investigation" Guidance.
  • Various essential updates made to the content where needed, such as removal of outdated references to deprecated standards, guidance, knowledge base, publications etc. and in response to issues raised by IGT users.
  • The Area Team/Region/Hosted Body view has been archived by the request of NHS England as Area Teams no longer complete individual IG Toolkit assessments, they are included as part of the NHS England IG Toolkit assessment.
  • More significant changes made in line with the Government response to the Caldicott 2 report and changes in the NHS England Standard Contract. This includes changes to certain requirement statements, descriptions, attainment level criteria and evidence.

The following documents provide further details on changes:

The External IG Delivery Team would like to take this opportunity to thank all those from the service who have contributed to the development of IG Toolkit Version 13.

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