How to Complete Your IG Toolkit Assessment

(Simplified Interface for GPs, Pharmacies, CTPs etc.)

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This page explains how to complete an IG Toolkit assessment for the following organisation types:

Other organisations should refer to:


The IG Toolkit assessment consists of a set of IG requirements. The requirements are tailored to each type of organisation (GP, pharmacy etc.).

To complete your IG Toolkit assessment you will need to:

  1. Read the 'Quick Start' guide
  2. Register for an account
  3. Log in
  4. Answer all requirements and add comments supporting your scores
  5. Publish your assessment

The rest of this page explains these steps in more detail.

Step 1 of 5: Read the 'Quick Start' Guide

The 'Quick Start' Guide is a 5-minute guide that explains the main features of the IG Toolkit website and how to navigate around it.

If you haven't already done so, read the Quick Start Guide now.

Step 2 of 5: Register for an Account

If you have previously published an IG toolkit assessment you will already have an account set-up and you can therefore use your exiting log-in details.

If you have forgotten your username, organisation code or password use the 'Forgotten User Details' link in the Registered Users box on the home page to request a reminder.

If you do not already have an IG Toolkit account, you need to register for an account.

From the Home Page, click the 'Register' button

Registration button picture

Work your way through the registration steps, following the on-screen instructions.

After you have completed registration, the system will create your account and send you the details in two separate emails (your password is emailed separately for security reasons).

Step 3 of 5: Log In

Once you have an IG Toolkit account, you need to log in.

From the Home Page, enter your user details (as received by email) and click the 'Log In' button.

Login picture

Step 4 of 5: Answer All Requirements

Once you have logged in, you will be able to access your assessment.

From the Home Page, click on 'Go To The Assessments Page'.

Go to assessments picture

The system will display the Assessment Summary page. This shows a summary of all your IG Toolkit assessments, with the current assessment at the top and older ones below.

The topmost assessment on the page should be a blank assessment for the current year (showing that you have not yet answered any of the requirements). If the topmost assessment is a previous year's assessment, this is because the previous assessment has not been 'Approved'. If this is the case please refer to the 'Contact Us' page of the IG Toolkit.

From the Assessments page, click on 'Work On This Assessment' within the topmost assessment.

Work on Assessments picture

The system will display the Requirements List page, showing all the requirements you need to answer for your current assessment. Note that:

To answer a requirement:

From the Requirements List page, click the 'Answer' button for the requirement you want to answer.

Answer a requirement picture

The system will display the Requirement Details page. This page contains all the information you need to answer the requirement and consists of the following sections:

Click on the 'plus' icon for each of the sections to see details for that section.

Click plus to expand picture

You can also download or print a copy of the requirement using the 'Printable version (PDF)' link.

Print a df picture

To answer the requirement, click the 'plus' icon in the 'Attainment Levels' section.

Expand attainment level picture

The system will display the attainment levels for the requirement, along with a tick box for each one.

Answering a Requirement at Attainment Level 0

If you think your organisation is at Attainment Level 0 for this requirement then:

Tick the checkbox at the right hand side of the Level 0 box.

The system will then show your Current Level as 0 at the bottom of the table.

Attainment level 0 checkbox picture

Answering a Requirement at Attainment Level 1, 2 or 3

If your organisation is at Attainment Level 1, 2 or 3, you cannot directly tick the Attainment Level checkbox. Rather, you need to tick off the individual criteria for each attainment level.

To see the criteria, click the 'plus' icon for an attainment level.

Expand attainment level picture

Tick the checkboxes for the criteria that apply to your organisation. The scoring of a requirement is cumulative, for example to achieve level 3 you must tick off all the criteria for Levels 1, 2 before you can tick off the criteria for level 3.

Criteria checkboxes picture

If you tick off all criteria within an attainment level, the system will automatically tick off the attainment level for you. It will also show the appropriate Current Level at the bottom of the table.

Providing Further Details and Evidence

When you tick off the various criteria, the system will give you the option to add general comments and provide supporting evidence. Completing the Evidence Required section is currently optional, but is recommended as it helps you to collect all your evidence all in one place (for example to provide assurances to NHS Commissioners).

If you decide not to complete the Evidence Required section you must still complete the General Comments field to provide support for your score, for example, where your evidence is held, the name of a procedure, etc.

To enter general comments:

Click in the General Comments text box and type your comments.

To provide evidence, do the following within the yellow Evidence table:

Mark the evidence as obtained by ticking the checkbox in the Obtained column (Marked as 'A' in the diagram).

Upload the evidence document by clicking the 'pencil' icon in the Location column and following the instructions (Marked as 'B' in the diagram).

Optionally, add details on the evidence by clicking the 'pencil' icon in the Details column (Marked as 'C' in the diagram).

Steps to providing evidence picture

If you want to provide further evidence against the same criterion then:

Click the 'Add other evidence' link and fill in the evidence details as per above.

Steps to providing evidence picture

Answering a Requirement as Not Relevant

Some requirements include an option to mark it as Not Relevant (shown as 'NR'), meaning that the requirement is not relevant to your organisation. To do this:

Click the checkbox within the 'NR' section.

Not Relevant picture

However, if you feel a requirement is not relevant to your organisation but does not have the option to mark as not relevant you will need to discuss this with the DH IG Policy Team, use the contact us page of the toolkit to log your request.

Saving your Answer and Moving On

Once you have answered a requirement, you must remember to save it. The most common ways of doing this are as follows:

To save your answer and move to the next/previous requirement, click 'Next' or 'Previous'

To save your answer and return to the Requirements List page, click 'Done'

Return to requirements list page picture

Step 5 of 5: Publishing Your Assessment

Once you have answered all the requirements you will be able to publish your assessment.

From the Requirements List page, click the 'Back to Assessments Page' button (it will be yellow if all requirements have been answered).

Back to assessments summary page picture

The system will display the Assessments page.

Click the 'Publish' button.

Publishing an assessment picture

The system will display the IG Assurance Statement, which you will need to accept as part of the publication process.

The system will show that your assessment has been published (the assessment status will be 'Published').

Assessment status Published picture

What Next?

The system will send you an email to confirm your assessment submission has been received.

IG Toolkit assessments are reviewed by the central Department of Health IG Policy team, and are normally approved relatively soon after the final submission date. However, if you have failed to reach the minimum required attainment levels you will be asked to submit an improvement plan:

You will receive an email once your assessment has been approved.

You can also confirm whether your assessment has been approved by logging in to the IG Toolkit and checking the assessment status on the Assessments summary page.

If you require further details on the approval process, please contact us.

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